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Hello and welcome to the home of Gr8t Lakes Music. Gr8t Lakes Music is more of a category than a brand. We identify heavily with the people who live around these large bodies of fresh water. We just get each other. As a mega-region the Great Lakes feels very different from the rest of the Midwest and it felt like it was time to make that distinction.


The Raw Cone Pirates are a loose gathering of musicians and emcees that share one common denominator, they all have the same engineer, Godxilla. This site is a portal to all of the artists that create content at The Mountaintop Recording Studio in Milwaukee, WI. Click through the sites and enjoy. If you have any questions about booking and collabs with any artist here just reach out. It's a close network.


Alex Takton

B. Justice

Chi Town Taurus

Rock Mack

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Godxilla In The Fresh Produce Beat Battle

The Monacle, St. Louis, MO

If you're in the STL Area come on out and support Godxilla in the Fresh Produce Tournament of Champions. Last time he was in STL Godxilla won the September beat battle. This time 12 winners will bang to see who the king of the beats in STL is.